49ers rookie mini-camp stats

Here are my unofficial rookie mini-camp stats for Quinton Patton, Vance McDonald, Eric Reid, Marcus Cooper and Daryl Morris.

Quinton Patton, WR

1-on-1: 3-for-4. (1. Beat Marcus Cooper short 2. Beat Cooper short again but the throw was behind Patton 3. Could not beat Brodrick Brown deep 4. Beat Cooper short)

7-on-7: 5 targets, 4 catches (1. Beat Darryl Morris over the middle for 15 yards 2. Beat Morris short 3. Could not beat Morris deep 4. Beat Wopamo Osaisai short 5. Beat Darryl Morris on the right sideline for 15 yards)

11-on-11: 3 targets, 1 catch. (1. Beat Lowell Rose short but Daniels’ pass was behind Patton and Rose picked it off 2. Could not beat Morris deep 3. Beat Cooper short)

Vance McDonald, TE

1-on-1: 5-for-8. (1. Dropped a short pass 2.Beat Michael Thomas over the middle 3. Beat Michael Thomas on a jump ball next to the sideline 4. Beat Eric Reid over the middle 5. Short pass broken up by Reid 6. Beat Reid short 7. Beat Reid deep but dropped it 8. Beat Reid deep)

7-on-7: 4 targets, 2 catches (1. Caught short pass 2. Overthrown deep 3. Caught short pass at his ankles 4. Drops short pass)

11-on-11: 0 targets

Eric Reid. FS

1-on-1: 1-for-7. (1. Beaten short by MarQueis Gray but Daniels’ pass was low 2. Beaten inside by McDonald 3. Beaten deep by Gray but Daniels overthrows the pass 4. Knocks away short pass intended for McDonald 5. Slips, beaten short by McDonald 6. Beaten deep by McDonald but McDonald drops it 7. Beaten deep by McDonald, McDonald doesn’t drop it)

7-on-7: 0 targets

11-on-11: 0 targets

Marcus Cooper, LCB

1-on-1: 0-for-3 (1. Beaten short by Patton 2. Beaten over the middle by Patton but the pass was thrown behind him and it fell incomplete 3. Beaten over the middle by Patton)

7-on-7: 2 targets, 1 catch. (1. Beaten short by Brandon Carswell 2. Broke up short pass intended for Carswell)

11-on-11: 4 targets, 2 catches. (1. Beaten deep down the middle of the field by Greg Wilson 2. Beaten short by Carswell who dropped the pass 3. Beaten deep down the left side line by Carswell who dropped the pass 4. Beaten short over the middle by Patton)

Darryl Morris, LCB

1-on-1: 1-for-4 (1. Intercepted short pass after Greg Wilson slipped 2. Beaten short by Wilson but Nate Montana’s throw was low and incomplete 3. Beaten short by Carswell 4. Slipped, beaten on a double move by Carswell)

7-on-7: 5 targets, 3 catches. (1. Beaten over the middle by Patton 2. Didn’t allow Patton to win deep 3. Beaten deep down the sideline by Carswell 4. Beaten on the right sideline by Patton 5. Knocked away deep pass intended for Wilson)

11-on-11: 1 target, 0 catches. (1. Outran Patton deep and the pass fell incomplete)

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