49ers v. Jaguars live blog: Fourth quarter

This is the live blog for the fourth quarter of the 49ers’ Week 8 game in London against the Jaguars. I’ll update this frequently with information and analysis from my living room.

12:24 The Jags face third-and-1 from their 32 when the fourth quarter begins.

12:27 Jones-Drew goes nowhere on third-and-1 but the Jags go for it on fourth down and convert, a seven-yard pass to Clay Harbor.

12:28 Two plays later, Henne completes a short pass over the middle to Lewis. Patrick Willis strips him, Skuta recovers and returns it for a touchdown. 42-10 Niners.

12:46 Another 15-play drive for the Jags. It’s fourth-and-goal at the 4 and the 49ers take a timeout because this is a crucial moment in the game.

12:48 The 49ers have out-gained the Jags by just 21 yards.

12:48 Henne checks down to Jones-Drew and Brock tackles him immediately. 49ers’ ball at their 4 yard line and Colt McCoy is in the game.

12:53 Hunter takes a sweep around the right side for 33 yards. He has a terrific straight-line burst turning the corner on sweeps. But he hasn’t been effective between the tackles.

1:00 Anthony Dixon runs out the clock with a 2-yard run up the middle on fourth-and-1. Stay tuned for grades.

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