49ers who like it hot


The 49ers just ran out to practice in shorts and shells. It’s 80 degrees in Santa Clara and I’m glad I’m wearing shorts as well.

Some players are wearing extra clothing, though, which boggles my mind. I’m from the east bay, and my idea of perfect weather is 70 degrees with a breeze. The Santa Clara heat is almost uncomfortable for me.

But for some 49ers, Santa Clara just isn’t hot enough. Vernon Davis is wearing full-body tights underneath his attire, and so are Patrick Willis, Braylon Edwards, Ted Ginn, Taylor Mays, and Dashon Godson.

Frank Gore is wearing sweatpants.

Antwan Applewhite is wearing three layers – Under Armor, a sweatshirt, and his jersey.

I suppose these athletes have next to no body fat, so they get cooler quicker than you or me. Also, they probably like to sweat when they practice. And maybe some of them are from the south, and they like humidity with their heat. I’m just guessing.

What are you theories?


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