Adam Snyder on Seahwaks fans: “They know how to cheer. They do it at the right times.”

SANTA CLARA – Adam Snyder spoke in the locker room to a group of reporters today and he talked mostly about the crowd noise in Seattle.

Here’s what he said.

Q: Where does the Seahawks defense stack up in the things that they do and the problems they can create?

SYNDER: They run a completely different scheme of defense (than the Cardinals).  Now we’ve got to focus more on what they do. We saw 3-4 defenses for a couple weeks in a row there, and now we’ve got to get back into what we do against over and under defenses that they run. But man, they’re a team that’s on a roll. They’re playing real well and the play well at home. It’s a tough stadium to play in, so we have to be on top of our game. We’re excited for this game.

Q: Greg Roman said that the Seahawks aren’t much of a pressure team but they like to bring out blitzes once in a while. Do they blitz more often at home than on the road, taking advantage of that crowd noise?

SNYDER: Yeah, I think the percentages show that they do (blitz) a little bit more at home, but all teams in the NFL blitz and it’s something we have to deal with every week. With the short week it’s important for us to really pay attention to what we’re doing on offense, and I think we’re doing that. We’re spending a lot of time in the meeting room, a lot of time on the practice field.

Q: Over the course of your career have you and Joe Staley gotten better at preparing for that?

SNYDER: There’s really no way to prepare for it. You can’t get the same effect. So there’s things we can do, there’s techniques and we can apply those. We’ve got the music going out here and that kind of stuff we can do, but really it’s just about us executing what we practice all week. We can take the crowd noise out of it and just focus on what we’re doing. That’s our approach.

Q: Was it helpful at all that you got to play Detroit earlier this season and experience that loud crowd noise?

SNYDER: Yeah, there were some games that were real loud. The Eagles game was loud. Detroit was loud. So we’ve played in loud places. Obviously Seattle’s in our division so we play there every year and we know what we’re getting into. They’re a good crowd and they know how to get loud. It’s just something we have to deal with.

Q: Do your first reaction to hearing that for the first time?

SNYDER: I played at the University of Oregon so I was used to a loud stadium. But I remember we played there on Monday night and it was probably the loudest stadium I’ve ever been in. I think we played up there on a Thursday night and it was loud, really loud. So yeah, I think they’re definitely one of the loudest stadiums in the league and that’s a credit to their fans. They know how to cheer. They do it at the right times. So that all affects it. But like I said earlier, we’ve just got to focus on what we’re doing. If we execute we can take them out of it.

Q: You’ve got a short week just like the Baltimore game, but it’s a divisional opponent. Does that make the preparation any easier?

SYNDER: Being a division game, I just think we’re more excited about it – not that we weren’t excited for the Baltimore game. They’re a division opponent and it’s just another step for us – to take a division opponent out. We always get real excited for playing our division teams.

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