Aldon Smith says he expects more double teams this season

SANTA CLARA – Aldon Smith spoke after Ahmad Brooks on Wednesday. Smith talked about the level of attention he expects to receive from opposing offenses this season, his transition from defensive end to outside linebacker and his friendly competition with Ahmad Brooks. Here’s a transcript.

Q: Is there a difference rushing the passer from a three-point stance as opposed from a two-point stance – standing up?

ALDON SMITH: Not really, other than a hand in the dirt. If I’m rushing, I’m rushing.

Q: Is it easier to do stunts and creative stuff with Justin Smith from a two-point stance?

ALDON SMITH: The stance doesn’t matter. It’s more the angle you take to get to that stunt.

Q: Is there any sort of rivalry between you and Brooks this year to see who can get more sacks, and is there a number of sacks you’d like to get this year? What’s your goal?

ALDON SMITH: As far as Ahmad goes – that’s not a rivalry, it’s a friendly competition. We want to just get (sacks) period. I don’t have a sack number set for myself, but I want to improve on what I did last year.

Q: What’s been your impression of Justin Smith’s performance in training camp?

ALDON SMITH: It’s good to see it, whether it’s the way he throws people around or the way he penetrates. He’s still got it. He’s still a weapon out there.

Q: Do you expect opposing offenses to pay more attention to you this year?

ALDON SMITH: Yeah, I expect them to definitely pay more attention.  I’m not flying under the radar. They’ve seen what happened last year, so whether that causes double teams or chips, I’m preparing for it.

Q: What types of changes did you see offenses make against you as last season went on?

ALDON SMITH: Just adding another guy to block me, or things like that. Not letting me be one-on-one with their tackle.

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