Alex Smith says 49ers are better this season than last season

Mike Florio interviewed Alex Smith on Pro Football Talk Live Friday morning. Florio asked Smith if the 49ers are better this season than they were last season, and here’s what Smith said.

ALEX SMITH: “Definitely better. I think we got better in the offseason, through free agency and the draft as well. Better I think for the experiences last year, not just the success during the season, but the experience of the playoffs – good and bad. I think it’s important to play in those games. We still have that taste in our mouth from last year’s NFC Championship game. I think those are all good things for this team. I think we’ve taken them and used them the right way in hopes of getting back to the playoffs and being able to take advantage of it.”

Q: What’s the one thing about this team that gnaws at you in those quiet moments where you feel confident about the team but you think of that one thing that could be the thing that keeps us from getting where we want to go?

ALEX SMITH: “Probably the thing that most guys would say – just the consistency. I think we all know what we’re capable of as a team. It’s just a matter of us consistently doing it week in and week out. I think our team has a great understanding of how we win, that edge we have the entire week of preparation. It’s not just going out there and showing up on Sundays. I think this team really understands that. We’ve had some great games this year and the losses, they definitely felt different.”

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