Alex Smith: “The best offensive performance that I’ve ever been a part of.”

SAN FRANCISCO — Alex Smith’s post game press conference, courtesy of the 49ers.


On his experience throwing out the first pitch last night for the SF Giants:

“Yeah I was keeping the ball down, isn’t that what good pitchers do? I was working the count, I had an open base… Yeah, it was great. Last night was awesome, obviously. All jokes aside, it was great. Today though, this was the best. To get a win like this, a team win like this, across the board, and playing well.”


This was a historical game, as far as statistics are concerned.

“Yeah, it’s crazy, I didn’t know that until the end there when they said it. Very cool, a lot of offenses and great offenses. When you think of the 49ers you think of great offenses, so this is quite an honor. It’s great to be with those guys.”


Your last 300-yard game was back in 2010, can you put that in perspective in how far you’ve come since that game?

“Yeah, it seems like a long time ago. It was a long time ago, I feel like. It’s a completely different world. I give credit to the guys around me. I think those guys are playing great and make my job easy.”


Was it a priority to get some deep balls and move the ball down the field?

“It’s been a priority for us, for whatever reason, I think it just came up today. Even last week it was a priority for us and we took some shots, but just the nature of how they were playing us last week. There were some shots last week that didn’t happen because of how they were playing. Today they came up, we took them and were a little more aggressive.”


Do you think they were expecting you to throw deep?

“No, but we were playing much more balanced. Obviously the way we ran the ball last week, they had to respect it. We got the opportunities and guys made plays outside.”


The way you guys mixed in multiple sets and bringing in QB Colin Kaepernick, do you think that’s opened up the offense?

“Yeah, I think it’s a great thing. I mean it’s another thing that defense is going to have to prepare for. I mean, absolutely, hey get ready for this. You only have so many reps during the week to get ready, the more they have to think about the better.”


How big of a win is this?

“This is a great team victory. The defense holding them to 3 points is great. We only gave up 3 points in two weeks, that’s incredible. Offensively, it could have been even better. The crazy thing, is in the first half, we had a lot of penalty yards. Had some big plays called back, that’s the scary thing, it could have been even worse.”


Your touchdown throw to WR Kyle Williams, was that back shoulder the whole way?

“Once I saw it, it wasn’t designed that way, I kind of reacted to it. Kyle was turned, the guy really had him running. I took a shot and he made a really great play.”


What does this mean for next week?

“I mean, we played them twice last year. There’s a lot of baggage, a lot of history. A little unfinished business, I guess.”


Offensive Coordinator Greg Roman plays a big role in play calling. When you’re in the huddle and you hear, do you know when it has the potential to be a big play?

“I felt great all the time, but especially today. Player caller intent, when the play call comes in I know exactly what he’s thinking, what we’re trying to do, and what we’re trying to accomplish. I think the whole offense is constantly putting us in good situations, him especially. Really thinking through things all week and putting us in good situations. I don’t think there’s any play that comes, that we don’t feel has the potential to be a great play.”


At what point did you hurt your finger?

“There at the very end, in that last pass attempt to [TE] Vernon Davis.”


On LB Patrick Willis’ forced fumble:

“Yeah, big change there. I was just talking about that after the game, with some of the guys. I think it was a huge point in the game. To get the turnover, to get the 7 points to go in 17-3 versus 10-6 is a big difference.”


What’s the most rewarding work for you?

“The win. That’s what we came here to do. It doesn’t matter 38-3 or 6-3, bottom line is that next week our record will say 4-1. Come late in the year, all that’s going to matter, is getting these wins.”


How much do you look at the standings, or is it even too early to even do that?

“Yeah, I think the division gets more of the focus. We’re always keeping an eye on the division, constantly looking at what they’re doing. Record wise, especially.”


Do you consider this game to be the best individual performance of your professional career?

“I have no idea, honestly. I mean, it was a great team victory, especially the best offensive performance that I’ve ever been a part of, as far as 11 guys.”

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