. . . and the 2009 draft is history

UPDATES: Agreements with undrafted free agents at the bottom.

Here is the article that will appear in Monday’s paper, “Niners give offense a lot of attention.” And here’s a rundown of offseason changes with all the NFC teams, beginning with the 49ers. (Just in case you were wondering if I did any work this weekend.)


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How did the 49ers do in this weekend’s draft?

Don’t bother asking. I refuse to play the game. One of the most worthless exercises we go through every year is trying to figure which teams knocked it out of the park on draft weekend. Of course, there are 32 teams – the Raiders included – that feel good because they always picked somebody at (or near the top) of their respective draft boards.


The 49ers addressed a lot of what they set out to accomplish, except outside linebacker and offensive tackle.


I figured there was a 50-percent chance they would take an offensive tackle in the first round. But once Michael Crabtree was there at No. 10, and they passed on Michael Oher, I can understand why they never felt the need to force the issue in subsequent rounds.


The fact they did not select an outside linebacker is a surprise. They weren’t going to get somebody at No. 10, and that’s fine. But all I’ve been hearing for a while is how deep this draft was with those hybrid DE/OLB types.


But, clearly, the team was not smitten with Everette Brown, Clint Sintim, Connor Barwin, David Veikune or anybody else they could have chosen with the second-round pick they ended up trading to the Panthers for a first-rounder in 2010.


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This was a lot of fun this year. Thanks for following all my stuff right here on “Instant 49ers,” as well as on Facebook and Twitter. Thanks to the 49ers for supplying some photos for my Facebook page.


Perhaps the highlight of the day was the banter and gamesmanship inside the press trailer. The most memorable sequence of the weekend occurred in the fifth round.


We all chimed in with our opinions on which player the 49ers would select. Ball State‘s Nate Davis was my pick. I guzzled too much coffee through the early hours of the day. And when the 49ers were coming up on the clock with their first of two selections in the fifth round, I had to excuse myself.


As I re-entered the “work” area, Lynch and Bee-rows – in a well-choreographed bit – started shouting that Davis had been selected. In my glee at nailing the pick, I bounced to my computer to send a quick “Tweet.”


But not long after it was distributed to my 556 followers, the jokers came clean and revealed that the 49ers had not yet chosen. I sent an immediate retraction and admitted to being punk’d.


Well, a few moments later, the 49ers selected Pitt linebacker Scott McKillop.


But I got the last laugh 25 picks later when the 49ers took the Ball State quarterback with their compensatory selection at the end of the round. Ah, sweet vindication.


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Here is a complete look at the 49ers’ 2009 draft class:



First round, No. 10 overall

Position: Wide receiver

College: Texas Tech

Hometown: Dallas

The vision: The 49ers expect him to compete – and win – the starting job at split end, where second-year player Josh Morgan is also competing. Crabtree has a chance to immediately become the team’s No. 1 receiver. The 49ers will certainly take it slow with Crabtree this offseason, as he recovers from surgery to repair a stress fracture in his left foot. He probably will not do much until the start of training camp.

Quotebook: “When I played quarterback, I always wanted a receiver like (me). I wanted a receiver where I could just throw it up and he could go get it. Or if I threw a pass, I knew he was going to cut in front of that DB and not let the interception happen and make a play” – Crabtree.



Third round; No. 74 overall

Position: Running back

College: Alabama

Hometown: Fort Walton Beach, Fla.

Ht: 6-0; Wt: 210

The vision: Coffee is a powerful runner who has the ability to put on another 10 pounds and become an answer in short-yardage situations. The 49ers would like Coffee to work into a role of prominence to give Frank Gore the occasional breather. McCloughan likes Coffee as the No. 2 back, calling him a “one-cut power back.”

Quotebook: “I watched a lot of (Gore) when he got into the league and I knew a little bit about him in college. I know he’s a great back and he can do a lot of things. I’m glad to be able to practice with him and play with him” – Coffee.



Fifth round; No. 146 overall

Position: Inside linebacker

College: Pittsburgh

Hometown: Export, Pa.

Ht: 6-1; Wt: 245

The vision: McKillop, the Big East defensive player of the year, should be a solid inside linebacker who will be an immediate contributor on special teams. McKillop will compete with veteran Jeff Ulbrich to serve as backup to Patrick Willis and Takeo Spikes. McCloughan said he’ll start off at the backup Ted. “That’s a pick for me that I’m very excited about,” he said.

Quotebook: “I kind of play like I have a chip on my shoulder. Everyone is always doubting me. All it takes is one person to make one comment about me and I’m just going to work harder and try to prove people wrong” – McKillop said.



Fifth round; No. 171 overall

Position: Quarterback

College: Ball State

Hometown: Bellaire, Ohio

Ht: 6-2; Wt: 217

The vision: Davis is a gifted quarterback whom the team can take the time to develop. He is the No. 4 quarterback on the roster behind Shaun Hill, Alex Smith and Damon Huard. There will be no urgency to get him onto the field. The GM says there is a great upside to Davis. “He’s proven he’s a winner,” McCloughan said. He likes the way he hangs in the pocket and does not flinch.

Quotebook: “Personally I don’t think there’s really anything different. I think the big difference is he (Matthew Stafford) went to Georgia and I went to Ball State. (Mark) Sanchez went to USC, I went to Ball State. It’s a bigger school and unfortunately they had better competition but it all worked out” – Davis, comparing himself to the top two quarterbacks selected.



Sixth round; No. 184 overall

Position: Tight end

College: Fresno State

Hometown: Porterville

Ht: 6-5; Wt: 255

The vision: Pascoe is a tough, rugged inline blocker who should immediately take over for blocking specialist Billy Bajema, who signed with the St. Louis Rams as a free agent. Unlike Bajema, Pascoe can also be used in the passing game.

Quotebook: “Football’s a rough sport. There’s going to be injuries, but you have to play through them, play through the pain and learn how to handle it. And that’s probably one of my best attributes, is I’ve got a very high pain tolerance” – Pascoe.



Seventh round; No. 219 overall

Position: Free safety

College: LSU

Hometown: Bogalusa, La.

Ht: 6-2; Wt: 211

The vision: The 49ers figure taking Taylor at this spot in the draft was a good investment because of his size and athletic ability. Conceivably, he could contribute on special teams while taking on a backup role.

Quotebook: “Taylor will get a long look because he is so physically gifted, but he never materialized as the consistent standout performer you thought he could be” – ESPN draft analyst Mel Kiper Jr.



Seventh round; No. 244 overall

Position: Defensive line

College: LSU

Hometown: Miami, Fla.

Ht: 6-3; Wt: 295

The vision: Francois has a lot of talent, but he did not play with a lot of consistency throughout his career. He saw action in just 25 games. Defensive line coach Jim Tomsula has a project on his hands.

Quotebook: “When you look at the film at the other kid, the third pick in the draft (LSU teammate Tyson Jackson), the guy next to him jumps out and makes plays” – 49ers coach Mike Singletary.


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UDFA agreements: Purdue RB Kory Sheets, Ohio State OT Alex Boone, Georgia Tech CB Jahi Word-Daniels, stanford DE Pannel Egboh. (All first reported by KFFL, and confirmed here independently.) Also, just learned there’s an agreement with South Carolina CB Carlos Thomas.


McCloughan would not confirm any signings he said the team will sign 8 to 12 undrafted free agents. He said it’s going to be the best group of UDFAs the team has signed. The majority, he said, are priority free agents, including some outside linebackers that he really likes.


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