Are Cards looking at ex-49ers coaches to fill vital roles?

The NFC West is in a state of flux.

The Rams and Seahawks have new head coaches (Steve Spagnuolo and Jim Mora, respectively). The 49ers awarded the permanent head-coaching job to Mike Singletary, who proved himself during his trial run over the final nine games of the season.


Even the Cardinals – winners of the NFC West and narrow losers a week ago in the Super Bowl – are not immune to dramatic changes.


The coach, Ken Whisenhunt, remains in place. But he will be hiring two new coordinators. Todd Haley, who ran the offense, is now Chiefs head coach. And Whisenhunt fired defensive coordinator Clancy Pendergast.


There are rumblings two recent 49ers discards could be hired to those top roles with the Cardinals.


File this one in the rumor category . . . but I’ve heard that the Cardinals called the 49ers on Friday to ask for the cell number of Mike Martz, whom Singletary fired two days after the season. I have not been able to confirm this happened, so take it for what it’s worth.


So might Whisenhunt seriously consider Martz as the man to take over the offense? Might that help convince Kurt Warner to go ahead and sign a two-year deal to remain with the Cardinals? (Or not.) Certainly, the Cardinals’ talent on offense would seem to be a better fit for Martz’s offensive style than what he had last season with the 49ers.


Wouldn’t that be great? Let’s face it, the NFC West is a more enjoyable division when Martz is around.


And Billy Davis is considered a top candidate to replace Pendergast as defensive coordinator. Mike Nolan hired Davis to be 49ers defensive coordinator in 2005. But Nolan lost faith in Davis and began taking over most of the defensive-coordinator responsibilities. After two seasons, Davis was fired. He has spent the past two years as Cardinals linebackers coach.


This could get very interesting.


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