Carlos Rogers on his injured right calf

SANTA CLARA – Carlos Rogers hasn’t practiced for most of the Niners’ offseason program. Today, Jim Harbaugh said Rogers has been “working through something,” which means he’s injured. Rogers spoke after Harbaugh about that injury and about the offseason in general. Here’s what he said.

Q: Are you working through an injury right now?

ROGERS: Just strained my right calf a little bit in the workouts, toward the beginning of OTAs.

Q: What have you been doing since then?

ROGERS: Just taking it day by day. Started doing more today. There ain’t no rush. Not worth messing it up even worse. I’m just following their guidelines of what they’ve got me on. I’m just doing individuals today, doing some more running.

Q: Are you worried about it?

ROGERS: Ahh, nah, it’s nothing to be worried about. It’s nothing serious.

Q: Is it tough not practicing?

ROGERS: I want to be out there with the guys competing. Football is fun. Actually this is only my second time in eight years even doing a full offseason program. It’s something that a lot of older guys really don’t go to because it’s about learning, kind of doing some of the stuff you did in the season. Especially if you already know the offense and defense, a lot of guys have their own trainer or someone they work with. That’s what they do.

Q: So why are you here this offseason?

ROGERS: Being with this team, I said, ‘I’m going to commit to it and be here this offseason.’ Regardless of bonus, because I had bonuses in Washington, it doesn’t have anything to with that. I just decided to be here with this team and do my offseason program here. It’s been good. Our attendance is really good. We’re pretty much got everybody except Dashon. That goes into business. (The Niners placed the franchise tag on Goldson this offseason, and the free safety is holding out of a long-term contract.) That’s something separate; you have to handle that individually. Other than that it’s been really good attendance here. My time in Washington, you’d have guys pop in and do a workout or do a little something. A lot of times guys don’t come around the team at all because it’s the offseason, so you really have your own training. Here, it’s structured around this trainer, this staff, it’s about football. People look at it as when it’s time for football, it’s time for football. A lot of times it starts with minicamp for a lot of people. It’s good to have a lot of guys here.

Q: If you weren’t here, where would you be?

ROGERS:  (I would be) in Atlanta training. Early in my career I’d be in Arizona. I wouldn’t miss minicamp because that would come with a fine.

Q: Have you ever had an injury like this?

ROGERS: It’s kind of like a hamstring strain, you’ve got to make sure you work through it real good. I’ll be fine even if we did have training camp.

Q: What are you going to do after minicamp?

ROGERS: I’m going back to Georgia. My family’s out there.

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