World loves the 49ers now, and 49ers agree

The 49ers are trying on a new costume this summer, and they sort of like the way it fits. After years of chasing the rest of the NFC West, the Niners go into the 2010 season as consensus favorites to win the division. The Rams, Seahawks and Cardinals have all had their days, and now, the prognosticators say, it’s time for San Francisco to ascend.
The reaction inside the locker room in Santa Clara seems to be: Bring it on.

July 31, 2010

Lombardi thinks 49ers have talent to win West

Judging by one man’s independent measure, the 49ers are poised to run away with the NFC West.
NFL scout turned blogger and network commentator Michael Lombardi wrote a piece for in which he categorizes the league’s top players as blue chippers (the best at their positions) and red chippers (one notch below). It’s a system that most, if not all, NFL teams employ, including the 49ers.

July 26, 2010

49ers-Seahawks rivalry getting better all the time

Considering that the 49ers and Seahawks have NEVER posted winning records in the same season since Seattle joined the NFC West in 2002, these two teams have enjoyed a pretty good rivalry. West Coast supremacy and all that.
Well, the temperature gauge should bounce at least 15 degrees in 2010, thanks to the influx of some new blood, mostly on the Seattle side. Ponder these additions, and what they will bring to the feud.

June 22, 2010

ESPN’s Sando favors 49ers in West

ESPN blogger extraordinaire Mike Sando believes the 49ers are the early favorites in the NFC West, and at least one scout agrees with him. That’s sort of uncharted territory for most of the players on this young team.

April 27, 2010