Cosell says Seahawks DBs probably got away with penalties against 49ers

Here’s what NFL Films analyst Greg Cosell said on The Murph and Mac Show Thursday morning about the Seattle Seahawks cornerbacks’ rough play against the 49ers wide receivers last Thursday night.

Q: Did your film study show the Seahawks DBs were too physical with the 49ers?

COSELL: “Clearly there were plays when you watch the film, you say, ‘Boy, that probably should be a pass interference penalty.’ [Jim Harbaugh’s] concern shouldn’t be with the DBs. His concern should probably be with the officials, but you can’t make those comments because then you get fined.”

Q: What were the DBs doing?

COSELL: “Any corner that plays press-man and relies on physicality, there’s going to be a very fine line between five yards and what happens after five yards. The rule states that after five yards, you can no longer keep your hands on a receiver. So when you play physical press-man, those lines are always blurred.”

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