Cosell: “The 49ers want to make this a physical game, not a run-around game.”

Greg Cosell spoke with Doug Farrar Friday morning on Yahoo’s Shutdown Corner Week 8 preview podcast. Here’s how Cosell said the 49ers will run against the Cardinals’ defensive front Monday night.

FARRAR: San Francisco’s offensive line is much, much, much better. They were rocking (Seahawks DT) Brandon Mebane and putting him on his (rear) over and over.

COSELL: Yes. That was a great offensive line performance.

FARRAR: What the 49ers are doing is not unsophisticated. It’s very much power – take the main guy (on the defensive line), take your center (Jonathan Goodwin) and (Mike) Iupati, and just beat the crap out of him. How does that matchup with the Cardinals defensive front?

COSELL: In a base 3-4, it’s a little different block concepts. What you’d like to do against a base 3-4 is structure runs where you can get offensive linemen to the inside linebackers quickly. What you don’t want to have is the inside linebackers to attack downhill and eat up the gaps. So you can trap, you can do wham concepts where you post the nose guard and then have a wham on him so the center can quickly go up to the second level. There are different run concepts you can use to get offensive linemen up to the second-level inside linebackers quickly, and I think you’ll see those kinds of concepts because (Cardinals inside linebacker) Daryl Washington can freaking run now. You don’t want him running free. You want him engaging bigger people as quickly as possible.

FARRAR: I’ve seen him everywhere. I’ve seen him at the line. I’ve seen him deeper than their safeties. Wow.

COSELL: Yes. The 49ers want to make this a physical game, not a run-around game.

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