Crabtree sans boot on bike


I just saw Michael Crabtree working vigorously on an exercise bike. He was bootless.

Earlier in the day, Crabtree was seen smiling, and he told reporters he feels encouraged.

Matt Maiocco reports Crabtree should be cleared to practice in two weeks, and although he won’t play in any of the preseason games for a third straight year, he should be ready to play in game 1 of the regular season at home against the Seattle Seahawks.

As you may remember, a similar scenario played out last year, and Crabtree was not ready for the first game, which happened to be against Seattle as well. He ran the wrong routes many times, and when he ran the correct one, he let the ball bounce off his hands for an interception.

“Getting on the same page” has been a theme repeated by the players and coaches since the loss to the Saints on Friday. That will be Crabtree’s biggest task these next few weeks.

I’m running back out to the field. Culpepper watch continues.


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