Day 3: Gilbert leads local talent pool

One of the best draft prospects from the Bay Area colleges is San Jose State defensive Jarron Gilbert, who was the WAC’s co-defensive player of the year with 22 tackles for loss.

Gilbert checked in at 6-5, 288 pounds. He’s generally seen as one of the 10 best defensive ends, and is likely to be drafted in the second or third round.


But his claim to fame – right now, anyway – is his popularity on YouTube, where a clip of him jumping out of a swimming pool has been watched more than 410,000 times.


“I’ve become a YouTube sensation,” he said. “How it came about was, one day our strength coach said Adam Archuleta could jump out of a pool, and everybody was super amazed. I went out there one day – it wasn’t that big a deal to me – and I just went and jumped out of the pool. I found out that I could do it, so I put it on film to make everybody else believe me.


“Jumping out of the pool is cool and everything, but being a good player is a little more important than that.”


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Speaking of YouTube, this one is a must-see, too.


Cal linebacker Zack Follett is quite a character. One of his football influences, he said today, is Terry Tate. Who?


“Terry Tate, No. 56, the ‘Office Linebacker,'” Follett said. “He was my hero watching those commercials. I tried to emulate him when I was out there.”


It’s definitely worth checking out. Click here to see what he’s talking about.


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Here is my article from today’s paper, “49ers want back to share time with Gore.”


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