Dilfer: “Jim fought for drafting Kaepernick.”

I just read a piece by Sports Illustrated writer Don Banks that has some fascinating background on the 49ers QB situation.

Here are two brief excerpts from the 2,000 word article.

Banks writes: “….like all NFL head coaches to some degree, Harbaugh ultimately wants his hand-chosen guy to succeed and prove the wisdom of his foresight. And he is convinced Kaepernick can lead the 49ers to their first Super Bowl in 18 years.”

Then Banks quotes Trent Dilfer:

“Jim fought for drafting Kaepernick,” Dilfer said. “They could have had [Andy] Dalton [who went 35th to Cincinnati, one spot ahead of where the 49ers traded up to]. Everybody wanted Dalton except him. [49ers general manager Trent] Baalke threw him a bone because it was his first year. Kaepernick was his guy. He went and worked him out, he thought he found him, and he swears to this day the only reason Kaepernick went that high was because of the momentum generated because of him. That’s his guy. . .”

To read the entire article, click here.


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