Goldson expects to start on Sunday

SANTA CLARA — Dashon Goldson told a group of reporters today at his locker that he expects to start on Sunday against the Bengals. So, expect Goldson to replace Madieu Williams as the starting free safety.

Here are more quote from Goldson.

Q: Have you been able to gauge from practice how much you’re going to play on Sunday?

GOLDSON: This week the focus was on getting me ready so I could get back on the football field this week, starting off with the practices and getting a lot of reps. If I was to say then I would probably be playing a lot.

Q: Starting?

GOLDSON: I’m expecting to.

Q: (Inaudible).

GOLDSON: We had a lot of mental errors last week that cost us big time. Our secondary, we watched the film, they played well except for those critical mistakes. Lack of focus. Can’t have those.

Q: Do you feel comfortable playing base, nickel, and dime?

GOLDSON: Oh yeah. I’m good. All packages.

Q: Do you expect to be in on first down and until they guy punt?

GOLDSON: Yeah, exactly.

Q: What do you think you can add to the lineup that this defense needs right now?

GOLDSON: They’ve been playing good. I can’t say what I can add, but I know what I can do as a football player. I’m another guys out there who can get guys lined up, get to the ball and make things happen. These have been playing good football since the preseason. I can’t say that I can come over here and make a tremendous difference, but I can be another force on their defense.

Q: Will a ball hawk like you have more opportunities to make something happen against a rookie quarterback?

GOLDSON: I’d like to think so. Going into a ballgame you always want to go out there and get turnovers. We see a couple plays he (Dalton) forced the ball. We’ve got to capitalize on a lot of those things and just tighten up from what we learned last week and take it in to this ballgame.

Q: Is this where dropping seven into coverage could pay dividends with a rookie quarterback.

GOLDSON: I wouldn’t say dropping coverage, just getting pressure on him. A lot of quarterbacks crack under pressure. If we can put the pressure on him and lock of the guys outside, we can come out with this ballgame.

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