Harbaugh breaks down the Cardinals

SANTA CLARA — Here’s what Jim Harbaugh said Thursday about the Arizona Cardinals.


Do you get the sense that the Cardinals are, have been or are a big-time rival for the 49ers?

“Division opponent, I really believe that your next game is your most important game and that’s how we’ve approached it around here.”


What habit do you need to keep when you’re defending Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald?

“What habit do we need to keep?”


What habits do you have to have to stay true to the plan?

“You have to have a good plan. We have to play our best team defense all the way. Especially in the secondary. He’s somebody that’s going to get your attention, every single snap. He’s a top, top player in this league and made some big plays against us last year.”


You were blown away with the physicality against the Seahawks. With the long rest now, do you expect that level to be increased with the long rest you had?

“Well, we hope and expect really to have a great day of preparation today. That’s what we’re placing our expectations on. See if we can’t have a great practice, great meetings. Hopefully the best of the year. That would be outstanding.”


How do you have the best meeting of the year?

“They’re interactive. They’re prepared well by the coaches. Players are full speed mentally, asking good questions. Have answers on the tip of their tongue. An interactive, high energy meeting.”


How often do you guys do team meetings, like the whole team, rather than position groups?

“How many times a week? Off the top of my head, to give you an answer, a couple of times.”