Harbaugh: “Colin is playing so well right now that he overshadows some of the other guys.”

SANTA CLARA — Jim Harbaugh spoke in the media tent after Thursday’s practice. Here’s a transcript, courtesy of the 49ers.


Can you give us any indication on how serious CB Chris Culliver’s knee injury is?

“No not yet. He’s up at Stanford getting an MRI.”


How about LB Patrick Willis’ hand?

“Yeah, he’s got something he’s going to be working through with his hand.”


Do you expect him to be ready for Week 1?

“Yes, yes.”


When he’s out would you—?

“For what I know now yeah.”


If he’s out and LB NaVorro Bowman is healthy, would NaVorro go into Patrick’s spot and you would put LB Michael Wilhoite in NaVorro’s spot?

“I mean, there are things that still have to play out. We’re still only seven practices in right now, so I’m not going to speculate on that. I expect him to be back and it won’t be something that keeps him out very long.”


What have you seen from those backup inside linebackers?

“Michael Wilhoite’s been here. He’s been a contributor on special teams, one of our better special teams players the last half of the season. He’s competing and fighting for a spot. Also, [LB] Nate Stupar has done a very nice job in camp, and there could be some other options as well.


Would you move LB Dan Skuta back?

“Could be, could be something we take a look at.”


CB Nnamdi Asomugha looks like he’s been pretty impressive the last couple of days, have you seen the same thing out of Nnamdi and is his play at the level where you’d like?

“Yeah, he did have noticeable, eye-popping plays, yesterday especially. He’s been good. I think he’s got a good grasp of what we’re doing defensively. In shape, doing a nice job.”


You’ve had, I think, 15 or 16 players who were out of practice today, what kind of challenge does that give you as a head coach at this time of the preseason?

“Well, there’s been some nicks and you try to dodge bullets. Sometimes you don’t dodge them all. But, what it means right now is there’s guys that are getting an opportunity to show what they can do. If there’s a positive there. And there’s people that are doing that.”


The quarterback’s behind QB Colin Kaepernick, how are they performing and do you have a sense of the way they’re competing for that number two job. Who’s emerging there?

“Colin is playing so well right now that he overshadows some of the other guys. There’s really some good, some consistent play, and then some mistakes, but I’d say both guys are kind of going through that right now.”


Both guys meaning?

“[QB] Scott [Tolzien] and [QB] Colt [McCoy].


Where do you classify QB B.J. Daniels, he’s all over the place, do you view him as a potential number three or is he kind of a Swiss-army knife kind of a player?

“He’s really kind of progressing at quarterback. He’s doing a good job there. Then he’s put in a lot of work at the receiver position and the halfback position. He’s getting an opportunity to practice at all three of those positions right now. It’s been impressive how he goes from receiver to quarterback and then takes off and puts on the gloves and he’s back at running back. He’s doing a pretty darn good job. I think just what we have been doing is more and more quarterback play as the days go by and he’s showing a good grasp of the offense. Arrow up there.”


Do you think that’s helped him to wear so many different hats so when he goes back to quarterback he has a more substantial view of the offense?

“I think it does because, just understanding the offense from different positions points of view. Also, engaged every snap. So I think it’s been beneficial.”


How would you describe how CB Tramaine Brock plays cornerback?

“I think he’s a quick, aggressive, tough player. He’s been a pro since he’s been here, since I’ve been around him. Feisty.”


You guys are bringing in a couple of wide receivers today for workouts, is that an area you feel that you need to augment from a numbers perspective?

“From time to time players will come in and workout here and tryout, just like on any team. I don’t feel like it’s a real need to, every time somebody’s scheduled to workout to dive into exactly what the overarching situation of the team is.”

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