Harbaugh explains the 4 sacks allowed vs. Cardinals defense

SANTA CLARA — Here’s how Jim Harbaugh explained the four sacks allowed by the 49ers offense against the Cardinals last night, courtesy of the 49ers.

Four sacks seemed to be the only question mark. Overlooking it together, do you see a trend, it looks like a couple times Alex pulled it down something wasn’t there right away and he had no other choices. What accounts for the four sacks, was there an overall theme that linked them together?

“One for sure was we didn’t give him a very good play call. Another we got covered and glad he didn’t throw the ball to where he was supposed to throw it. And then another one, he looked to the wrong side of the field. The read should have taken him to the right instead of the left and I can’t remember the fourth.”

Right guard Alex Boone was quickly beaten to his left on the fourth sack.

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