Harbaugh explains why Jenkins and James have not played

SANTA CLARA – This is a follow up to a blog I wrote earlier today on the 49ers top two draft picks – A.J. Jenkins and LaMichael James.

Here’s what Jim Harbaugh said about them at his Monday press conference.

Q: You talked in July about how A.J. Jenkins is going to be outstanding, yet there was an injury and he didn’t get on the field. Mario got injured yesterday, but A.J. still didn’t get on the field. Why hasn’t he been playing?

HARBAUGH: We talked about Michael, Randy, Mario have all been playing at a very high level. We’re working toward it. He was active, dressed for the game. He’s being integrated into the plan

Q: But Ted Ginn was in on the three-wide-receiver sets, which means Ginn is ahead of Jenkins on the depth chart.


Q: Do you see that changing?

HARBAUGH: Anything’s possible there, but that’s the way it has been.

Q: Is there a role for LaMichael James with Kendall Hunter injured?

HARBAUGH: Yeah, there’s a possibility of that.

Q: Why wasn’t that the case yesterday?

HARBAUGH: It wasn’t part of the plan yesterday, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be going forward.

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