Harbaugh names Akers the starting kicker

SANTA CLARA – After a two-week-long kicker competition, im Harbaugh named David Akers the starting kicker on Thursday. Here’s everything Harbaugh said.

Q: Who’s going to be your kicker Saturday?

HARBAUGH: David Akers.

Q: Why is that?

HARBAUGH: I feel like he gives us the best chance.

Q: What did you see from him the last week of practices?

HARBAUGH: Suffice it to say we feel confident in David giving us the best chance to week.

Q: How do you feel about how he responded to the competition?

HARBAUGH: Good. Responded like a football player does. Competed and not anything more to say about it.

Q: Will you keep Billy Cundiff on the team?


Q: Why is that?

HARBAUGH: Our decision. Again, what we think is best for us.

Q: Will he be active on Saturday, or is that to be determined?

HARBAUGH: To be determined.

Q: If at some point in the playoffs you had to turn to Billy Cundiff, how much confidence do you have in him?

HARBAUGH: I’m not going to go into any kind of speculation. He’s done a nice job. David’s done a better job. He gives us the best chance to win. I can’t possibly think of anything more to say about this.

Q: Did Akers’ playoff experience factor into your decision?

HARBAUGH: Can’t possibly….I feel like we have plowed that ground as thoroughly as it can possibly be plowed.