Harbaugh on Alex Smith’s concussion: “Symptoms were positive today.”

SANTA CLARA – Jim Harbaugh held a press conference Monday afternoon. Here’s what he said about Alex Smith, who left Sunday’s game with a concussion.

Q: What’s the latest on Alex Smith? Did you talk to him today? How is he doing?

HARBAUGH: Doing much better. He had a good night sleep last night. Symptoms were positive today. He’ll be visiting with the neurologist this afternoon – that will be the next step.

Q: You watch that series, and there is no way to tell he’s got a concussion. Did he remark that he wasn’t feeling symptoms on the field?

HARBAUGH: He said that he had blurred vision after he got up from the quarterback sneak. That was maybe two possessions after the hit that you’re referring to. That was a good-sized hit. Our doctors were good. They were very proactive on that. Alex had no symptoms after that hit. He was cleared to play. And then it appears it was the quarterback sneak where he gets up and has blurred vision. That’s when we brought in Colin immediately. I think our doctors handled it very well. Did that early hit contribute? I don’t know. Only Alex knows for sure.

Q: Do you want him to take himself out of the game if he has blurred vision?

HARBAUGH: Yeah, you don’t want him out there with blurred vision.

Q: Have you told him that since then?

HARBAUGH: Yeah, we talked about it. What he expressed was he came up from the sneak and he had blurred vision. He felt it would go away. He came over the sideline and sat down and thought it would go away but it didn’t. He told me he had blurred vision and that’s when we made the move.

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