Harbaugh on Monday night games

Jim Harbaugh spoke in the 49ers media tent Saturday afternoon. Here’s what he said about the Monday night matchup with the Arizona Cardinals and Monday night games in general, courtesy of the 49ers.


Does it seem like it’s been a while since you’re last game? I mean, you’ve had, what, 10 days in between games here? Knowing how much you love preparation, have you thoroughly enjoyed these extra days of preparation?

“We believe so. We believe we’ve gotten a lot out of it. It’s been a real productive week. And there’s still more to go. Get some vital rest tonight and then come back tomorrow and another work out, meetings before we leave for Arizona. But, I think it’s been a good week.”


Do you get an extra sense of pride playing in a back-to-back prime time games?

“Haven’t thought of that, that way. But, suppose you could say that.”


Do you have any particular Monday night memories from your time as a player? Anything eak out to you?

“Yes, yes. Some good, some bad.”


Was that the former Bears head coach Mike Ditka moment?

“That wasn’t a Monday night. That was not a Monday night. Everybody thinks that was a Monday night. When he was yelling at me? On the sideline? That was a Sunday game.”


Was it a Sunday night?

“I think it was just a regular Sunday game. I’ve seen that printed where people say it was a Monday night game. But, I don’t think that was.”


What were some of the good ones?

“There was a few. There was a few wins in there. I don’t remember how many.”