Harbaugh: “We wanted to have two veteran quarterbacks.”

SANTA CLARA – Jim Harbaugh spoke in the media tent Wednesday afternoon. Here’s what he said.

Q: Would you address the move of releasing B.J. Daniels and bringing in John Skelton? What’s your reasoning for that move?

HARBAUGH: Felt like we wanted to have two veteran quarterbacks, two guys who have started games, played in games, won games. Felt like that’s what we needed to do at this time. We’ll be hopeful B.J. will return (he will not; the Seahawks claimed him on waivers). I trust that we have a plan for him and a process of developing him and getting him ready to play in the National Football League as well.

Q: What do you like best about Skelton?

HARBAUGH: Good stature in the pocket. Experienced guy. He’s played, won games and been in those battles. He had a workout here a few weeks back, one of the better workouts I’ve seen from a quarterback in one of those types of workout environments.

Q: It seems like the quarterbacks you’ve had success with all have had really good athleticism. Where is his athleticism?

HARBAUGH: There are different levels of athleticism but anybody who plays quarterback in the National Football League is a pretty darn good athlete.

Q: It seems like his best game was in 2011 against the 49ers. Do you remember that game specifically?

HARBAUGH: Yeah, we’ve always been impressed with him.

Q: Did you guys put a waiver claim in on him in April?


Q: Do you vision competition between him and McCoy for the No.2 QB job?

HARBAUGH: I understand the starting quarterback competition and the need to talk about that. As it relates to other positions, not so much.

Q: How is Patrick Willis doing?

HARBAUGH: Good. He says he feels good. I anticipate he’ll practice today and we’ll see how that goes.

Q: Everyone is saying the Texans are in big trouble. Are teams in big trouble dangerous?

HARBAUGH: They’re a good football team, that’s what I know. I know I see on tape talented players, well-coached. Every game they’ve been in has been competitive right down to the wire. They’ve found ways to win games. That’s a big test for us. That’s our job is to prepare for it and get ready to win the next game. That’s the most important game on the schedule. That’s how they’re approaching it as well.

Q: What’s your impression of J.J. Watt?

HARBAUGH: He can ruin a game for his opponent. A lot of good players defensively, secondary, front-seven, linebackers, talented group. J.J. Watt is one of the top players in this league. Great ability to rush the passer, get past blocks and on the quarterbacks almost immediately. He’s able to run and use his legs. A lot of really good things to his game.

Q: How much did NaVorro Bowman mean to getting the defensive identity back?

HARBAUGH: He meant a lot in our last ballgame. I thought our defensive player of the week, game ball, pressure, a sack, two tackles for losses. He was all over the field, did a great job of leading our defense.

Q: What about Skelton caught your eye?

HARBAUGH: For where we are, what our situation is, a guy, along with Colt, who’s played in games, won games. Being on our 53 gives us a chance to contribute if needed. That’s what we needed from that third quarterback.

Q: Does’ Skelton’s arm talent stand out to you?

HARBAUGH: Yes it does. Big, strong. Definitely has arm talent. Excited to work with him. That’s really what it amounts to, three quarterbacks who’ve all played in games and been in the fire. Now we have three at our disposal, a great starter and two guys to back up who have been in those games.

Q: How has Jon Baldwin been doing?

HARBAUGH: Jon stands out as one of the guys who comes out early, who stays after practice and during defensive periods, special teams periods he’s seeking Kap out or Kap’s seeking him out. And there are other guys who do it. Jon is in that group of guys that does that extra.

Q: What does a game like the Rams do for Frank Gore?

HARBAUGH: I think it’s positive. I think Frank knows who he is as a player and what he’s capable of. Is it good for his confidence? He’s a confident guy. I don’t know how much it does for him. We know he’s capable of that. He knows he’s capable of that. Our offensive line knows he’s capable of that. No question that everybody’s inspired by what he does. Nobody does it like Frank Gore.

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