Hard to believe 49ers can stand in way of Warner-Cardinals union

At least this 49ers quarterback scenario makes a heck of a lot more sense than the Michael Vick speculation of a couple weeks ago.

But is there really any chance the 49ers will sign free-agent quarterback Kurt Warner away from the Cardinals?


It would be a popular move (I’m pretty sure) among the fan base if the 49ers could attract Warner. But, obviously, it seems highly unlikely.


There are two questions that need to be asked: 1) Can the 49ers afford Warner? The answer is yes. The 49ers would have plenty of cap room to enable them a big-money free-agent signing; 2) Can the Cardinals afford to lose Warner? The answer is no.


That’s why I see almost no possible way the Cardinals botch this contract negotiation so bad that Warner feels compelled to leave town.


Warner will turn 38 before the start of next season. He just led the Cardinals to the Super Bowl, he is beloved in Arizona and he has a great group of wideouts on an offense that is passing-oriented.


Why would he want to start over with a new team . . . for an offense that wants to be a power-running team . . . and with a largely unproven set of wide receivers?


After talking to several people on this subject in the past 90 minutes after ESPN.com reported the story, the thoughts range from the 49ers having a “legitimate shot” to the whole issue being “a lot of fluff” and the 49ers are not all that interested.


In either case, I think we’ll know quickly. Warner is getting antsy. He wants something done quickly. I have to believe the Cardinals and Warner will come to some kind of resolution within the next couple days.


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