Harper: “I thought I was a great blocker at WR, but now I’ve got to block dudes like Aldon and Patrick.

SANTA CLARA – Chris Harper spoke at his locker Tuesday afternoon. Here’s what he said.

Q: Is H-back a new position for you?

HARPER: Yeah, I’ve never gotten in a three-point stance before. That’s going to be different for me.

Q: Did you do a little bit of that today?

HARPER: Yeah, I did. A lot of it today, actually.

Q: Has the name Delanie Walker come up?

HARPER: Nah, never heard of him (laughs). Yeah, I’ve heard his name.

Q: Have you watched film of him?

HARPER: I watched a little bit last night. His name got brought up a lot today. I’m going to watch a lot more because we’ll do a lot of the same things.

Q: What did you think of him?

HARPER: I had already watched him before. I knew him before and how they used him. I knew he was the H-back and they put him all over the field. He’s a great athlete. That pops off the film. He’s a big guy who can run.

Q: What kind of blocker are you?

HARPER: I thought I was a great blocker at receiver, but now I’ve got to block dudes like Aldon and Patrick. We’ll see.

Q: You’ve got a wide receiver’s number (13).

HARPER: Yeah. Coach Harbaugh, I asked for 13 and he got me 13. It’s not like I won’t be playing receiver, too.

Q: What did the Seahawks do to keep you?

HARPER: They did a lot. It just came down to me wanting to play. That’s what mattered.

Q: Did they offer you a spot on their 53-man roster?


Q: But they pumped up their offer for the practice squad?

HARPER: Yeah, something like that.

Q: Have you noticed any differences between this team and the Seahawks?

HARPER: Yeah, it’s different. This feels more like how it was in college at K-State. It’s similar to that. I know Coach Harbaugh has a lot of respect for Coach Snyder.

Q: Delanie had to learn a lot of stuff because he played so many positions. Is that something you embrace?

HARPER: Yeah, learning the offense is not going to be hard. The thing for me that will be hard is learning the fronts. Even as a quarterback, I would have to look at a nose and stuff, but I never had to indentify a front right off the bat. That will be the most difficult thing for me.

Q: Do you feel like you need to get bigger to play in the trenches?

HARPER: I don’t know. They told me that I might need to get bigger, but they said they want me to be able to run with it, too. They don’t want me lose speed. So, getting stronger instead of just getting larger, that’s the main thing.

Q: How much do you weigh right now?

HARPER: 232.

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