How good will Kaepernick become and which QB does he remind you of?

Which quarterback, past or present, does Colin Kaepernick remind you of?

He reminds me of a young Brett Favre. Kaepernick has the same electricity, better legs, probably as strong of an arm and a bit more accuracy.

Favre had a wild hair about him that took Holmgren several years to corral and several off-the-field problems that were demons in his career for a number of years. As far as we know, Kaepernick doesn’t have those negatives.

I think Kaepernick will be better than the projections for Christian Ponder, Ryan Tannehill and Jake Locker.

Kaepernick should be better than Andy Dalton because of his tools.

The jury is out with Cam Newton because although he has an impressive set of tools, the coaching is another matter.

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