It’s late, and I’m wondering if the 49ers have any shot at Warner

Be prepared to read pure lunacy.

After all, it’s late at night. Whenever I get an idea, I like to sit down and write it while the thought is fresh in my mind.


Here’s the thought: Despite everything everybody seems to think, maybe the 49ers have a chance to sign Kurt Warner, after all.


I know, I know, it seems ridiculous. But if Warner were ever to sign with a team other than the Cardinals, he’d first have to:


–Make it abundantly clear that he wishes to end his career with the team he just took to the Super Bowl.

–Take a high-profile trip to the team that was courting him to allow everybody to wrestle with the idea that, due to the Cardinals’ lack of commitment, he was seriously considering another option.

–Receive significantly more security (financially speaking, of course) from the other team.

–Make one final, public plea for the Cardinals to keep him. And, better yet, he could throw in a generous dash of altruism. (“I’ll take a million dollars less per year, if you re-sign Anquan Boldin.”)


Check, check, check and check.


After the very public counter-offer, Warner simply cannot tuck his tail between his legs at this point and return to the Cardinals if they don’t match his demand.


Of course, he also could be so disillusioned with what’s transpired that he decides to retire.


Could Kurt Warner still end up with the 49ers? As crazy as it sounds, there is still a chance.


OK, now I’m going to bed. Maybe I’ll be thinking with a little more clarity when I awaken in the morning.


* * *

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