Jason Cole says the 49ers should sign Greg Jennings

Yahoo NFL insider Jason Cole spoke on 95.7 The Game this week about the 49ers’ need for a No.2 wide receiver. Here’s what Cole said.

Q: Is Percy Harvin a good fit for the 49ers?

COLE: “Sure, if you like to buy headaches.”

Q: Literally?

COLE: “Literally and figuratively. Look, I live in Gainseville, Florida. I watched all of his career. I know an awful lot about Percy. He’s just got issues.

“He’s a great player, and when he’s in a good mood he’s fantastic. On Sundays he’s usually in a pretty good mood, so if you get him to Sunday it’s fantastic. But the other six days of the week and the offseason he’s a handful. That’s just the way it is. Percy Harvin is not an easy guy to deal with. I’ve heard that everywhere from Florida coaches to Florida students, because I teach there, to Minnesota Vikings people, to people who are close to him. He’s just a handful.”

Q: So where do the 49ers get that No.2 receiver they clearly need and don’t have?

COLE: “There’s a pretty good group of guys in free agency this year. To me, the perfect fit for them is a guy like Greg Jennings. I really like Greg Jennings. I know he’s got some injury issues to think about, but I think he can be had at a pretty reasonable price for a guy who probably will handle being a No.2 behind Crabtree. He’s mature, can handle the locker room, has a great disposition about him. To me, that’s the guy that jumps off the page.”

Do you agree with Cole? Should the 49ers try to sign Greg Jennings? Is he a good fit next to Crabtree? Will Jennings be too expensive for the 49ers?

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