Justin Smith estimates he’ll be 100 percent healthy in one month

SANTA CLARA — Justin Smith spoke to Bay Area reporters Wednesday afternoon for the first time this offseason. Here’s what he said.

Q: How did you elbow surgery go?

JUSTIN SMITH: I thought it went pretty well. They went in and repaired it. The strength and everything came back pretty good. I’m almost 100 percent. I’m looking forward to that.

Q: Are you still rehabbing?

JUSTIN SMITH: I don’t know what you’d call it right now. You’re trying to get to where you were at your peak. Real close. Feel good about it. Still have six more weeks, so I should be right on schedule.

Q: Do you feel like you could play a game tomorrow?

JUSTIN SMITH: Oh yeah, I’d be good to go.

Q: When do you think you’ll be back at your peak?

JUSTIN SMITH: Probably about a month off from that. Close.

Q: Do you have any idea how many more years you’d like to play football?

JUSTIN SMITH: You can’t really forecast past the year you’re in. I’m thinking about 2013 and 2013 only. We have our team back for the most part, added some other pieces. The goal is still the same as last year. Got close. Didn’t get it done. Hopefully we get it done this year.

Q: You’re not signed after this season. Does that way on you at all, going into your contract year?

JUSTIN SMITH: At this point in my career, nothing’s a given. Nothing’s a guarantee. They don’t like old guys anyway for football. I’m going to enjoy this year, do the best I can this year. Hopefully it’s enough for the team and we get it done.

Q: How did the injury fare during the playoffs?

JUSTIN SMITH: It was what it was. I’ll put that behind me and move forward.

Q: There are a lot of new faces on the defensive line. How have you seen that coming together?

JUSTIN SMITH: Glenn’s in there, Demarcus and Will have moved up the charts and rightfully so. They’re looking really good. And then obviously the two new guys, Tank and Quinton Dahl. Dial? How do you say his name? Dial? Dial. So, they’re there. They have the pantry full. Now it’s a matter of going out and producing.

Q: Do you expect more of a rotation on the defensive line this season?

JUSTIN SMITH: We’ll see. There are definitely some guys worthy of some more reps. You look into that and maybe keep some other guys a little fresher. The whole goal is going out and winning and playing the best defense you can, not necessarily who’s getting the reps.

Q: Would you welcome that?

JUSTIN SMITH: We’ll see how it goes. If that’s what the coaches want, then that’s what we’ll do.

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