Kaepernick on A.J. Jenkins: “We want to get the ball in his hands.”

This is the transcript of Colin Kaepernick’s Week 17 Wednesday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers.


You’ve had a little bit of time to digest and look forward now to this week. Just what are your thoughts at this point?

“Have to get this win this week.”


What did you learn from that game? They always say when you lose, you learn something.

“You learn something whether you win or lose. You just have to take it, move on to the next week and try to get better.”


Some of the injuries to the receiving corp., what do you see from WR A.J. Jenkins and just his progression this year out at practice?

“He’s a good receiver. He’s someone that has a lot of speed, a lot of quickness. We want to get the ball in his hands.”


What kind of impression has WR Ricardo Lockette made on you?

“He’s another great receiver, great target, very aggressive to the ball, a lot of great speed.”


What did the tortoise get for Christmas?

“Some vegetables.” [laughs]


You say you learn if you win or you lose. What do you think your biggest lesson, what have you learned the most since you’ve started a month ago?

“I don’t know what the biggest lesson would be. I think the things you take week-to-week is really going to depend on what the defense is doing and what you’re seeing out there.”


Do you think you’re a different quarterback now than you were before that Bears game?

“I think I’m the same quarterback. I’m trying to improve every week, but the only thing that’s really different is I have some experience under my belt.”


What was happening in the first half of that game with a couple of delay of game calls and a couple of timeouts? What was the reasoning behind that?

“We had a couple of problems with communication.”


In term of getting the plays in or just hearing it?

“It was just, we were having problems with some people hearing. Crowd noise was a little bit of a factor.”


What are you trying to accomplish just this week getting ready for the playoffs? What are, beside the victory, what do you want to see in terms of the offensive function?

“This week we’re trying to get a win. That’s the only thing we’re focused on right now.”


With some of the injuries, [WR] Mario [Manningham], [WR] Kyle [Williams], some of the receiving corp., what gives you confidence that you guys can overcome some of these injuries?

“We have great players that are backing them up, from A.J. to Lockette, to [WR] Chad Hall, [WR] Ted Ginn. They’re all great players, so we have a lot of depth at that position.”


What about just the prospect of developing chemistry with guys that haven’t been in games with you before but you’ve played on the practice field out there with them? Does any of that carry over?

“Yeah, it definitely does. I think that’s why we aren’t too worried about it because I’ve had a lot of experience with most of those guys.”


You mentioned Lockette, but what about Chad Hall? What has he shown you?

“He’s a great receiver. He has a great understanding of the game. He’s very quick. He knows how to get open.”


Have you had much time to throw with him since he’s been here?

“Not as much as the other receivers.”

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