Kap on Kap

NEW ORLEANS – Here’s what Kaepernick said after the game about his performance against the Saints.

Q: Were you a good QB today?

KAEPERNICK: I think so. We got a win. That’s all that really matters.

Q: What did you think of the noise?

KAEPERNICK: It was loud at times. We had to make sure we communicated the play well. There was a couple of plays we had a little confusion as far as hearing. Other than that we got settled in.

Q: Was it tough preparing on a short week?

KAEPERNICK: You have to grind like you do every week, make sure you know your stuff. No one’s going to put on your record that you had a short week if you lose. It really doesn’t matter.

Q: When did you know you would start?

KAEPERNICK: Last night

Q: What time?

KAEPERNICK: 10 o’clock. He told the team. He said, “Kap will be our starter tomorrow.”

Q: Where did you learn read option?

KAEPERNICK: That’s what we learned in college.

Q: What about today’s touchdown run?

KAEPERNICK: We got a perfect read. Our receivers made great blocks.

Q: Where is your confidence level?

KAEPERNICK: It makes you that much more confident especially when you get two wins against great teams.

Q:What happened on the interception?

KAEPERNICK: Didn’t get the snap clean. Should have checked it down. I was trying to make a play out of something I really shouldn’t have.

Q: What did you think when Coach said you would start?

KAEPERNICK: Let’s go out and win.

Q: How fortunate are you to play with such a good defense?

KAEPERNICK: It’s a blessing. Today they got 14 points for us so that made it that much easier for us as an offense.

Q: What was your best throw today?

KAEPERNICK: The scramble to Crabtree down the sideline.

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