Kendall Hunter explains why he’s a good blocker, and more

SANTA CLARA – Second-year running back Kendall Hunter is having an outstanding offseason. On Tuesday he spoke in the media tent about how he’s improved, what he’s improved and why he’s such a surprisingly good blocker for a little player. Here’s a transcript

Q: Coach Roman said you’ve become a better player this offseason. Do you feel like you’ve come a long way since last year?

HUNTER: Yes. I had a full offseason for the first time. I was able to get in the playbook more and get with the coaches and ask them questions. Everything I had a question about they walked me through. When I came here last year it seemed like they just threw me in there.

Q: What were most of your questions about?

HUNTER: Just details – pass protection and running plays. In college you could get away with a lot of things, but in the NFL it seems like you take one wrong step, the whole play messes up.

Q: Did you spend more time this offseason watching your film or Frank Gore’s film?

HUNTER: Both. Frank’s helping me out with the details. Looking at myself, there’s a whole lot I could have done better last year, but I’m still learning and getting better.

Q: Coach Tom Rathman said you’re unusually strong in pass protection. How do you go up against bigger players? What’s the key for you?

HUNTER: I feel like I have an advantage over big guys because I can get under them and stay low, especially when they come between the linemen – they really can’t see me, and I can just jump out from behind a lineman and block them.

Q: Do you like blocking?

HUNTER: Yes, because as a running back, if you can’t block, you can’t play. I’ve been hearing that ever since I started playing running back.

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