Kyle Williams speaks

Kyle Williams spoke today outside of the 49ers locker room in Santa Clara. If you’d like to read the entire transcript of what he said, you can read it over at Matt Barrows’ blog.

Williams addressed his two lost fumbles against the New York Giants in the NFC Championship game. He said he’s put them behind him because he’s focused on the upcoming season and his teammates have supported him.

He addressed concussions, of which he’s had four. He says he feels “great” and he feels like himself again, and he accepts the risks of playing pro football. “When you sign up, you know what you’re getting into,” he said.

He also said he’s worked out harder than ever this offseason: “The same type of stuff, but the volume has definitely been turned up and it’s been very rigorous.  I’m pushing myself to get an edge – that’s what it takes.”

I admire a guy who doesn’t go in the tank after he screws the pooch. I can imagine him working like a madman in the offseason to keep his mind positive and productive.

I can imagine him having a huge training camp – running neck-and-neck with first round draft pick A.J. Jenkins and making a strong case for the final roster spot.

I’m pulling for him – I freely admit that.

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