LaMichael James: “I feel like I can go out there and help the team.”

SANTA CLARA – This is what LaMichael James said at his locker Tueaday afternoon.

Q: Do you feel like you’re game ready?

JAMES: Yeah, I feel like I can go out there and help the team, which I prepare for each and every week. Hopefully I can pull out a spark.

Q: What have you been doing the past two weeks in practice?

JAMES: I pretty much do everything on the scout team. I’m at receiver. I’m at running back – whatever the team needs me to do, I’m always going to do it. I feel like I’m athletic to do pretty much anything.

Q: How often were you asked to pass protect at Oregon?

JAMES: I actually was not pass protecting very much. The first time I ever really did it a lot was when I got here.

Q: How difficult is that?

JAMES: It’s not that bad. You have to go in there and give effort, put your head in there and see what you can do. It’s not that hard. Obviously, I’m outmanned because I’m not 230 pounds, but I feel I can get the job done if I’m scrappy enough.

Q: When you look at the games when you’re down on the sideline, what do you see? What are you watching?

JAMES: I just try to look at the holes. I see a lot what Frank does, and I try to imitate him in practice. I just try to read a lot better. Obviously, I was coming from the spread (offense), and now I’m in the I-formation, so a lot of things are different. I’m just trying to learn on the go.

Q: Coach indicated on the radio today that you’re probably going to get some playing time coming up. Has that been communicated to you at all?

JAMES: No, it hasn’t at all.

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