Like Hayes, kind-of Niners Sanders, Dent voted into Hall

Bob Hayes played for the 49ers?

This really happened?


I pride myself on my extensive mental library of useless information, but I’d missed the fact that Hayes played in four games for the Niners in 1975.

Anyway, I bring this up because two other cup-of-coffee Niners, cornerback Deion Sanders and defensive end Richard Dent, will join Bullet Bob in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Sanders and Dent, who both played on San Francisco’s 1994 Super Bowl team, were voted into the Hall today. They will be joined by Marshall Faulk, Shannon Sharpe, NFL Films founder Ed Sabol, Les Richter and Chris Hanburger (story here).

An injured Dent played in only two games during his lone season in San Francisco. In contrast, Sanders, who was named NFL’s Defensive Player of the Year, had arguably the finest season of his 14-year career, returning three of his six interceptions for touchdowns.

In his seventh year of eligibility, former Niners defensive end Charles Haley was not voted into the Hall. Haley is the only player in NFL history to win five Super Bowls – three with Dallas and two with San Francisco.

Ronnie Lott wasn’t happy about what he perceived to be the snubbing of his former teammate, who made enemies off the field with his less-than-cuddly personality (story here).

“How dare we judge someone because of who they are and not judge them for what they did and what they accomplished,” Lott said to NBC’s Mike Florio. “We are not in the game of judging people for their character.  We are in the game of judging people for their accomplishments and his accomplishments are second to none.”

• With the induction of Sanders and Dent, 19 players and one coach (Bill Walsh) who spent at least part of their careers in San Francisco will be in the Hall of Fame. Of those 19 players, there are 12 who the Hall will identify as having made their primary contribution to the NFL in San Francisco.

Here’s the 18 Niners currently enshrined in the Hall, including, yes, Bob Hayes. (Primary 49ers are in caps. Includes year of induction and seasons spent in San Francisco):

FRED DEAN (2008) – 1981-85
Bob Hayes (2009) – 1975
Rickey Jackson (2010) – 1994-95
JIMMY JOHNSON (1994) – 1961-1976
John Henry Johnson (1987) – 1954-56
RONNIE LOTT (2000) – 1981-1990
HUGH McELHENNY (1970) – 1952-1960
JOE MONTANA (2000) – 1979-1992
LEO NOMELLINI (1969) – 1950-1963
JOE PERRY (1969) – 1948-1960, 1963
JERRY RICE (2010) – 1985-2000
BOB ST. CLAIR (1990) – 1953-1963
O.J. Simpson (1985) – 1978-79
Y.A. TITTLE (1971) – 1951-1960
BILL WALSH (1993) – 1979-1988
DAVE WILCOX (2000) – 1964-1974
Rod Woodson (2009) – 1997
STEVE YOUNG (2005) – 1987-1999

* Source: Pro Football Hall of Fame

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