McCloughan says Seahawks will “beat the hell” out of the Niners

For a long time we haven’t heard from former Niners G.M. Scot McCloughan. Then he goes and shoots his mouth off.

He told Michael Silver of Yahoo Sports that the Seahawks are going to “beat the hell” out of the Niners in Seattle this Christmas eve.

What in the world were you thinking, Scot? Wasn’t it better just to be quiet?

Here’s what’s wrong with what Scot McCloughan did. In no way will this help his team. It might even hurt his team. You’ve heard of bulletin board material, right? Forget bulletin board – this guy just put up a neon sign in Times Square.

I do not believe this reflects McCloughan’s professional judgment. In this case he doesn’t even have a professional judgment. This is strictly personal, he’s still ticked off that the Niners gave him the axe.

The word is he’s politicking to be G.M. of the Raiders or the Rams or the Chargers. Shooting off a big mouth never helped a job search, although it might impress Hue Jackson.

I still say the Niners beat the Seahawks.

To read an article about Scot McCloughan’s unfortunate remarks, click here.

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