Mike McCarthy impressed by Alex Smith’s consistency

SANTA CLARA – Here’s a snippet of Packers head coach Mike McCarthy’s Wednesday teleconference, in which he discussed Jim Harbaugh, Alex Smith, and Colin Kaepernick.

Q: Is the read-option play with Colin Kaepernick something you have to prepare for?

McCARTHY: It’s definitely something you have to prepare for. You have to put the time in, and we feel fortunate to have had the extra time to prepare for the 49ers. We’re confident with all of our adjustments and we’re ready to go, but the reality of it is when you play Week 1 football, there are going to be unscouted looks.

Q: What impresses you about Alex Smith’s game?

McCARTHY: His consistency. Alex is very bright and athletic. He’s very confident and he’s also got a ton of experience. I thought he was extremely consistent last year.

Q: Have you ever had a chance to talk to Jim Harbaugh about coaching quarterbacks?

McCARTHY: No, I haven’t. I haven’t had an opportunity to spend much time around Jim. I definitely remember him as a player. I came up on the short end of one of his games when he was on the Colts and I was on the Chiefs. He’s done a great job there with his football team and he’s got an exciting group of quarterbacks to work with.

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