Mike Nolan’s statement

Mike Nolan made his first public comment today, one day after being fired as 49ers head coach. Nolan released a statement through the 49ers today.

“I want to
thank the York Family for the opportunity to coach the San Francisco 49ers,” Nolan said. “It is the
responsibility of the Head Coach to build a foundation and an environment for
success. In many areas we were, although it is winning that ultimately
determines success.

“I also
want to thank our players for their dedication and willingness to work
hard. Even during the toughest of times they remained strong and fought
through it. It is difficult to put into words my respect for guys that
played for the 49ers over the past 3 ½ seasons. They have my complete
respect and admiration. I am forever indebted to them.”

* * *

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