Niners 55.6% favorites to win NFC West

For what it’s worth, and it may not be worth much, three days ago Football Outsiders, the same outlet that predicted the Packers Super Bowl victory last season, gave the Niners a 55.6% chance to win the NFC West this season.

Football Outsiders was so impressed by the Niners victory of Seattle, they also gave San Francisco a 15.4 percent chance to go to the NFC Championship game. I kid you not.

Putting that into perspective, Football Outsiders believes the Niners have a better chance to make the NFC Championship game than Dallas, Detroit, and Tampa Bay.

According to this outlet, the only teams in the NFC with a better chance than the Niners of going to the Super Bowl are Philadelphia, Green Bay, Chicago, New Orleans, and Atlanta.

Keep in mind, all this Niner optimism is coming before the Dallas game. If the Niners win it on Sunday, there’s going to be full-on Niner Fever around the country.

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