No additional O.C. interviews scheduled today

After a busy day at 49ers headquarters that saw Ravens QBs coach Hue Jackson and the venerable Dan Reeves interview for the offensive coordinator position, there will be no new candidates entering the building today.

It is not known which way this is heading. The 49ers have gone underground. Coach Mike Singletary has not answered any questions from the media since his Dec. 31 news conference. Oddly, he even brushed aside a Bay Area reporter at the Senior Bowl.


The 49ers have not hired anyone to replace Mike Martz as offensive coordinator, nor have they scheduled any announcement. But, obviously, things can change quickly. I’m visiting family several hours from the Bay Area, but I’ll try to track things from afar. So I just want to let everybody know that I’m citing my family as the reason . . . (Sorry, but I couldn’t resist.)


Obviously, Reeves’ inclusion in the O.C. search is gaining a lot of attention. He began lobbying to get back into coaching with his interview three weeks ago with Sirius NFL Radio. We do know that the 49ers got in touch with Reeves early in the week, probably Sunday or Monday. So both sides had several days to think about this before Reeves got on his flight to the Bay Area on Friday. So, clearly, he did not make the trip out here on a whim.


That’s it for now . . .


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