No guarantee Cardinals will agree to Warner’s counter-proposal

This might not be such a slam dunk for the Cardinals, after all.

The 49ers offered more money than the two-year, $23 million counter-proposal Warner’s agent, Mark Bartelstein, took back to the Cardinals. Bartelstein says the deal contains $12 million in guarantees.


However, Kent Somers, a well-respected reporter who covers the Cardinals for the Arizona Republic, sheds more light on the deal. He cites a source who says Bartelstein was not counting the $7 million salary in the first year of the deal as guaranteed. Therefore, the Cardinals are being asked to guarantee $19 million on the two-year deal.


It’s doubtful the Cardinals will agree to that proposal.


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–To his credit, Shaun Hill said he is not getting caught up in all the talk about Warner. He said he is not sensitive to the fact the 49ers are pursuing another quarterback. He told me he can’t control what’s happening, so there’s no use in letting it bother him. Coach Mike Singletary has stated repeatedly this offseason that he expects Hill and Alex Smith to take part in an offseason quarterback competition.


–Redskins free-agent defensive end Demetric Evans is currently visiting the 49ers’ facility. It’s a good bet that he will sign a deal with the club, perhaps as early as this afternoon.


–The 49ers appear to have some interest in signing free-agent Jason Taylor, whom the Redskins released last week. Taylor declined to agree to take part in the Redskins’ offseason program because he wanted to spend more time with his family. There is also some talk that Taylor might retire. Taylor will be 35 when the season begins. He has 12 years of NFL experience. He did not miss a game for eight consecutive seasons before last season, when he played 13 games. His 3.5 sacks with the Redskins was the second-fewest for a season in his career.


–Contrary to some reports, the 49ers do not appear to be pursuing defensive end Marques Douglas, who did a good job with the team in his three seasons with the 49ers. The 49ers did not make a push to re-sign Douglas when he hit the free-agent market at the end of last season. The Ravens recently released Douglas after one season.


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