Quinton Patton: “Kap has great legs, so I try to sneak in and get involved when he starts scrambling.”

SANTA CLARA – Quinton Patton spoke at his locker Monday afternoon. Here’s what he said.

ME: Could you take us through your touchdown catch, how the play developed?

PATTON: Colin called the play, I beat my man on the inside. I tried to set down for a second, I saw Kap scrambling and I just tried to run over there and get in Kap’s vision.

ME: I notice you have a brace on the finger you injured in July. Is it sore today?

PATTON: That’s just maintenance. They tell me to keep it on.

Q: Harbaugh and Baalke have said you’re not fazed by a big stage, you’re not a wide-eyed rookie. Did you feel nervous at all before the game? What was your mindset?

PATTON: I’m always nervous before a game until that first play when you get hit and you’re like, “OK, the hard part is over with.” But it was just great being out there with my teammates.

Q: Was it an advantage in any way not playing those first two preseason games, being able to stand on the sideline and observe?

PATTON: You could say that because you get a lot more mental reps, visual reps of everybody and what’s going on. You get people on the sideline, like Anquan Boldin. When they get done with their series, they’ll pull me to the side and say things like, “Look, against this coverage, do this.” That really helps me.

Q: Where are you in terms of learning the system?

PATTON: I’ve still got a long way to go. Baby steps.

Q: You have a knack for finding holes in the defense. Not being able to catch passes in training camp, were you able to focus on that a little bit more.

PATTON: Yeah. Kap has great legs, so I try to sneak in and get involved when he starts scrambling, just find holes in the defense anywhere.

Q: You had to catch so many passes with one hand over the last month or so. Did that make you better in anyway, the concentration it takes to catch a pass with one hand?

PATTON: Yeah, you could say that, too. It really trains your eyes to track the ball, look the ball all the way in.

Q: Did it makes catching a ball with two hands seem easier?

PATTON: Yeah, but catching Kap’s ball is kind of hard, though (laughs).

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