Rams-49ers matchups: Part I – Amendola vs. Rogers

The 49ers play the St. Louis Rams Sunday at Candlestick Park. In the meantime, I’ll break down a couple of key matchups every day.

WR Danny Amendola vs. CB Carlos Rogers

This is the key matchup for the Rams. Amendola has missed the past three games with a shoulder injury, but he’s going to play against the 49ers. He’s the Rams’ best offensive player. He will match up against Carlos Rogers, mostly in the slot. Rogers has struggled with short, quick slot receivers like Amendola this season.

Greg Cosell said Thursday morning he doesn’t think the Rams will be able to sustain drives against the 49ers, but he didn’t mention Amendola. Perhaps Cosell doesn’t know Amendola is playing this weekend.

The Rams can move the chains if they throw the ball to Amendola. The Vikings moved the chains against the Niners by throwing to their slot receiver – Percy Harvin. Amendola is a similar player.

Sam Bradford will target Amendola more than 10 times against the Niners. It will be key for Dashon Goldson and Donte Whitner to blast Amendola when he catches passes over the middle.

Advantage: Rams

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