Ricky Jean Francois: “I’ve got to prepare like I’m starting.”

SANTA CLARA – Ricky Jean Francois very well may start in place of All Pro defensive lineman Justin Smith this Sunday night. Bay Area reporters and Randy Moss interviewed Jean Francois at his locker Friday afternoon. Here’s a transcript.

Q: Is it tougher playing inside or outside on this defense?

JEAN FRANCOIS: I say the inside is a little harder, because most of the time you’re taking on a center and both guards. When you’re on the outside you’re just playing against the tackle.

RANDY MOSS: Do you think you’re going to hit Marshawn hard this week?

JEAN FRANCOIS: Nah, not really.

RANDY MOSS: Do you think you’re pretty strong?

JEAN FRANCOIS: I squat about 700. Is that good enough?

RANDY MOSS: [Expletive deleted]!!!!!!!!

Q: When you went in to the Patriots game for Justin Smith, were you looking over your shoulder for him, thinking he’d run in and tap you on the shoulder?

JEAN FRANCOIS: I was like that for a few minutes. I was like: “One, two, three…hold up, I’ve been in three plays. That’s too long.” Once I got back to the sideline, I found out he went back in the locker room. It was time to change my whole personality. Now I’m not getting out of this game. I’m going to be in the whole time.

Q: How was your conditioning? That was a long second half.

JEAN FRANCOIS: All I have to say is the hurry-up offense, if you don’t practice it you’re going to have a hard time. You get tired, and your fundamentals and focus to detail comes into play.

Q: You had 60 snaps in the second half?

JEAN FRANCOIS: I had 49. Justin came out of the game in the middle of the third quarter.

Q: Are you expecting to start?

JEAN FRANCOIS: Yeah. That’s always. You’ve always got to prepare every week to be a starter.

Q: Have you been told you’re going to start.

JEAN FRANCOIS: No, but like I said, I’ve got to prepare like I’m starting.

Q: Do you anticipate that the Seahawks will go after you if you do start?

JEAN FRANCOIS: I get that every game. From the first time I started against Tampa Bay, to Washington, to New York, I know they’re going to come at first. Everybody knows Justin Smith is one of the best D-lineman.

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