Roman on Jacobs not playing: “When somebody has the hot hand, you keep going, don’t you?”

SANTA CLARA — On Friday, Greg Roman was asked a few questions about running back Brandon Jacobs, who has yet to play a down for the 49ers. Here’s what Roman said.

Q: Before your last series, Brandon Jacobs was in the huddle, but then Kendall Hunter ran out and replaced him. Why did that happen?

ROMAN: I changed the play, I believe. I doon’t think it was fair to have Brandon in in that situation running a play that he hadn’t the necessarily…as much work on. That’s it. Brandon’s doing a great job.

Q: Would you expect to get him some touches Monday night?

ROMAN: That remains to be seen. 90 minutes before the game we shall release our inactives.

Q: He was active last week.

ROMAN: Yes he was. But, you know what? When somebody has the hot hand, you keep going, don’t you? Frank’s been running pretty darn well. We’ve been very effective. I think we’ve had 43 runs of over 10 yards at this point in the season. He and Kendall are doing a great job. We do believe in all of our backs, and at some point they will all impact our team.

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