Roman on the Packers D: “They’re a good defense. How they got to that point doesn’t interest us.”

SANTA CLARA – Greg Roman spoke in the media tent Tuesday afternoon. Here’s what he said about the Packers defense, courtesy of the 49ers.


Opening statement:

“Good afternoon, really proud of our players for winning the NFC West again. As we head on into the postseason, here we are staring at the Green Bay Packers in the face again, just like we were out of training camp. It’s a great challenge, one we’re looking forward to. When you look at their defense, they are very much improved statistically from last season. I believe they are 11th in points allowed in the National Football League, fifth in sacks. They’ve got a lot of good players, they’re very well coached, they play a tough style of defense. Looking forward to having a great practice today. If practice is anything like our meetings today, we’re going to have a great practice.”


Why do you think they are improved?

“They’ve changed a little bit schematically. But, they’re just playing good defense, sound defense, good team defense, not allowing the big plays that showed up last year. From us, from our perspective as we watch them on film, they’re a good defense. How they got to that point doesn’t interest us. We’re more concerned about [Packers LB Clay Matthews] 52, and [Packers DT B.J. Raji] 90 and their secondary with [Packers DB Charles] Woodson. So, that’s where our focus lies.”


How did Woodson look last week?

“Looked good.”


Did he look like the Woodson of old?

“He did. Woodson’s a great athlete and a great football player. Everybody has seen that over the years. He was right back at it, riding the bike again last week. He looked good.”


How are they different?

“Woodson’s just a difference maker. They can do a lot of things with him in the secondary and also around the front. He’s a very good blitzer. He got a sack on us last time we played him, on us. Very good blitzer. He’s a very good run defender, and he’s a very good pass defender, very physical in coverage and has created a lot of turnovers in his career. So, Charles Woodson’s a difference maker.”

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