Ronnie Lott on Eric Reid: “Man, now that’s a baller.”

Here is what Ronnie Lott said about Eric Reid Friday on KNBR.

LOTT: There is nothing better than watching somebody who plays your position and does it very, very well and does it like he’s been there for four, five, six years. You forget that he’s a rookie. This kid not only has played well but I love the way he does things on the football field. You don’t see him out of position. You see him always around the ball. You see him making great tackles.

People always say, “I’ve played football all these years and I can’t change the way I’m going to hit.” And yet, (Reid) made a fantastic hit, stopped a guy from getting a first down, kept his head out the way, brought his shoulder, wrapped him up and kept him inches from getting the first down. Those plays really change the profile of the game. If they get a first down right there it takes up clock, it keeps the momentum going. We don’t measure that kind of play. That got them off the field. That allowed the offense to get back on the field.

Watching Eric Reid play right now and watching how he’s going about his game and doing all the little things is what has been so impressive. I sit there and say, “Man, now that’s a baller.”

Reid currently is the fourth-highest rated free safety on Pro Football Focus behind Devin McCourty, Earl Thomas and Michael Griffin.