Singletary: There’s not one coach I wouldn’t keep

Mike Singletary is at the NFL owners’ meetings, where today ESPN’s Mike Sando caught up with him during the breakfast session with NFC coaches.


Well, Singletary did not have to do a lot of sleuth work to discover the identity of the “leak” from a week ago. One assistant coach complained to Sports Illustrated’s San Diego-based reporter Jim Trotter that the coaches were not in the loop when it came to free-agent signings.

It was reported that receiver Brandon Jones did not get “high marks” from the coaching staff before the club signed him as a free agent.


Said Singletary on the subject: “I just knew the minute I heard it, who said it. It wasn’t a matter of going to the guy and saying, ‘Hey, keep your mouth closed.’ It was just, ‘Hey, guys, come on now. Let’s let that go. We’re not all going to agree. If you think that was bad, wait till the draft.’ “


That comment drew a few chuckles from the assembled media.


Singletary said he has the power to make changes to his staff, but he added, “there is not one coach that I have that I wouldn’t keep.”


* * *

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